Hydraulic & Electrical trolley H mm 320/1650   


External Dimensions (W x D x H) cm.215 x 75 x 32 / 165
Rollers 4 steerable solid rubber wheels, 2 of them lockable, 1 enabling locking as regards the direction, d=125 mm with special roller bearings
Structure Precoated steel, with 5 carrying rollers of corrosion-resistant material and plastic coating
Weight 100 Kg

Technical data
Details - Hydraulic unit for foot-actuated vertical adjustment
- Holding device to secure the body tray or coffin plate
- Removable slide handle and anti-collision buffer at the front end
note - 12 Volts hydraulic unit for vertical adjustment, with an UP/DOWN foot switch, key-actuated switch and batteries
- Supplied with separate electronic rapid charger
- Carrying capacity: max. 250 Kg
- Suitable for mortuaries with storage up to 3 levels


Cover for hidraulic trolley
Wooden crate Package

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